Introducing the new owner of Soil Matters


Soil Matters is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary of driving sustainable farming and to keep this momentum going, we also need to look to the future! We are very excited to advise that Canaan Ahu of Agrownomics is buying into our company and will become the new face and leader of Soil Matters as Rob looks to pull back over the next few years. A passing of the mantle so to speak.

Agrownomics are independent soil consultants in the Canterbury region with a strong focus in the dairy industry. They are perfectly aligned with our values and share the same passion for the soil and bring a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the team. The farmers they work with are amazing pillars of change within their industry. We are looking forward to incorporating their existing service model into our business and recognize that there is a learning opportunity here for both us, as consultants, and also for you.

As you are aware Soil Matters has shifted focus over the last twelve months to become more consultancy driven, while maintaining the ability to access the current range of products. We are as passionate as ever about helping to educate towards a better understanding of the biological environment we live in and finding solutions that fit well for the future generations to come. It is clear that our farmers and growers need sound independent agricultural advice and this is the direction we are headed to best serve you. By moving away from our own product lines, our toolbox will be more diverse and better able to meet your needs, especially given the current challenging input prices.

A few words from Canaan

“We are very excited to partner with Soil Matters. We are passionate about people, soil and adding value back to our farmers. People make up the heart and soul of a company, when the right people are in the team, outcomes for our farmers can genuinely be altered. This is our experience, and we see huge opportunity in terms of making a difference to both our farms and communities with the new team we will now become. As we undergo some changes in the format of service, we believe we can make measurable positive differences towards productive outcomes, increased crop nutrient density and infield support. I have some big shoes to fill, but I’m grateful to be a partner in this business and am looking forward to picking up the mantle of what Rob has established.”

What changes to expect

On the practical side of things, the transition of the business to Canaan should be relatively seamless. Our current highly valued and skilled Soil Matters team will continue to be at the forefront of daily business and all their contact details will remain the same. They are all looking forward to being part of a bigger team and drawing on the support and expertise that this will naturally bring.

October 1st is the official date for the change at the helm. Our name Flynn Holdings Ltd t/a Soil Matters will simply become Soil Matters Ltd on that day and from then on everything will be transacted through the new company.

The ‘old captain’ can’t quite believe the time has come and wishes to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your amazing support, friendship and shared love of the land and especially for what lies beneath our feet. Quite simply, soil matters, and so do all of you! We hope we can count on your continued valued business and support as we navigate the next stage. The agricultural world has changed quite significantly over these last twenty years and once when we were seen as ‘fringe’, it is rewarding and quite humbling to now be considered at the forefront of positive change ... who would ever have thought!

We are very excited that Soil Matters is now truly future-proofed and will be in very safe hands for decades to come with the ‘new captain’ at the helm.

Fun fact:

Justus von Liebig is the discoverer of the effects of nitrogen on plant growth. In his early days he was a profound promoter of the use of nitrogen to enhance plant growth. However, what is often forgotten about is that at an older age he discovered new insights and learnt that the unlimited use of nitrogenous fertiliser does not come without consequences. We have an English translation of his diary available in which he describes the journey of his learnings. Feel free to get in touch and we will get you a copy!

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When you work alongside a Soil Matters specialist, first we’ll tee up a farm visit so we can get to know each other, and to learn what your goals are for your farm. Next we’ll gather the relevant information to assess the health of your soil (you can start with a specific area or we can do a whole farm assessment). Then we’ll take this information, and together with the other experts in our team as required, we will look to identify any factors which could be limiting your plant growth and put a plan in place!

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