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Creating balanced
soil systems to support
healthy plant and animal life

Consultancy relating to all soil matters, encompassing pastural, cropping and viticulture

Comprehensive soil testing and reporting

Individual soil and fertiliser management plans

Customised eco-friendly sustainable fertiliser blends

AgriMap setup and support

We build a picture
of the fertility of your soil
and its potential to achieve
and support healthy
plant and animal life.


Our Process


To create a balanced soil system that supports healthy plant and animal life, the right nutrients in the correct proportions are required. Determining the amount of nutrients a particular soil needs can be obtained by using the Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) of the soil and the Base Saturation percentage for each major nutrient within that soil.

The foundation of our fertiliser recommendation is from the work of the eminent soil scientist William Albrecht.


All our soil, plant and water samples are carried out by external laboratories.

The soil , herbage and feed samples are tested by Eurofins Food Analytics NZ. Water samples are analysed by Hill Laboratories in Hamilton .


When a fertiliser recommendation and costing has been discussed and accepted, the logistics of transport and spreading can be arranged at no extra cost.


We select mainly from the Viafos range of natural fertiliser products for our base blends. Viafos is renowned for its ethical and environmentally friendly product range.

It is important to remember though , that we are not restricted to selling a single product and can choose from biological and conventional products to ensure productivity is kept to a maximum , without compromising on sustainability.

Soil Matters works in conjunction with Conway River Lime Company in North Canterbury, which is organically certified.

The majority of our ecofriendly sustainable fertiliser blends take place here but they can be organised at other sites throughout the country on your behalf.

Zoom, a unique soil conditioner that enhances soil biology, plant health and production, is also made here.


Physical soil evaluation is undertaken, coupled with comprehensive soil and herbage testing and observations of the management systems in place, to create an individual fertiliser and soil management programme.

Increased nutritional value of crops and pastures

A decrease
in weed and pest pressures

animal health

About Us

Our Philosophy

Soil Matters is an established Soil Consultancy Company founded from small beginnings in 2003.

Our belief that agriculture is a biological system and not a chemical one is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our aim is to produce great results in a personable, open minded, approachable manner with real integrity.

We offer a total service from early discussion about doing things differently through to full Soil Consultancy and ensuring your Customised Blend is delivered.


Our Achievements

2014 Enterprise
North Canterbury

North Canterbury Business Awards

Agri Business Category

Awarded to Soil Matters

Gaia Awards

Biological Farmers Association

Soil Consultant of the Year

Awarded to Rob Flynn, Managing Director

Contact Us

 Our team of consultants cover areas throughout New Zealand.


Rob Flynn
Managing Director

Head Soil Consultant

Mobile 027 626 1234

Email rob@soilmatters.co.nz

Lauren Flynn
Managing Director

Accounts, Finance and Planning

Phone: 03 314 3753 or 0800 764 5628

Email info@soilmatters.co.nz

Rik Mulder
General Manager

Mobile 027 265 7722

Email rik@soilmatters.co.nz

Jeffery Lamb
Logistics Coordinator

Mobile: 027 626 0000

Phone: 0800 842 367

Email logistics@soilmatters.co.nz



Chantelle Fisher
Soil Consultant

Mobile 027 305 6405

Email chantelle@soilmatters.co.nz

Phil Gray
Soil Consultant

Organic Pastural Specialist

Mobile 021 082 14323

Email phil@soilmatters.co.nz

Reagan Bayly
Soil Consultant
Technical Advisor

Horticulture Specialist
Pastural and Cropping Specialist

Mobile 027 314 9558

Email reagan@soilmatters.co.nz



Rebecca Lawrence
Soil Consultant

Viticulture Specialist

Mobile 027 664 4072

Email rebecca@soilmatters.co.nz


Lachy Hynd

Soil Consultant

Mobile 027 555 4410

Email lachy@soilmatters.co.nz

Conway River
Lime Company

Ivan Carter
Operations Manager

Mobile 027 626 1088

Email conwayriverlime@gmail.com

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