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A company dedicated to the health of NZ soil... and everything that feeds from it.

Soil Matters is an established soil consultancy company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company has been looking after NZ soils for over 15 years.

Soil Matters works for farms where the added value of a healthy soil is appreciated, and for those who want to build their business by investing in the health of the soil.

Our ‘why’


Why do we do what we do? Well, simply put… because soil matters.

We believe that with the right advice and products we can improve any plant’s environment; and by lifting the quality of a crop, we lift the quality of everything that feeds from it. In doing so, we want to make a positive impact on the environment at a higher level. We maintain a holistic approach and believe that everything around us exists together in a delicate balance. By respecting this, we provide support in creating an environment that is optimal for growing things that are ‘good’. Good for the bottom line of the farm(er), good for us, and good for our environment. 

NZ Soils

What you can expect from Soil Matters


Confident decision making, nutrient advice, a yarn, a pathway to sustainable growing, advice on grazing or cropping rotations, but most of all... peace of mind.

To improve soil health you can make changes in the way you farm; and when beneficial plants, nutrients or organisms are not available in adequate amounts you can choose to introduce those. We have learnt to work with an array of tools, plants and nutrients for fixing and fine-tuning soil health.

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NZ Soil

Pastoral Farming

Grow healthy pastures through balanced soil nutrition.
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Viticulture & Horticulture

A healthy vine makes great wine. Let’s get the basics right and begin with the soil.

Arable Farming

Growing a strong crop with stable yields for results now and in the future.

Success stories

Our clients understand the value of healthy soil, and how investing in it will help them build their business through improved farming practice.

Would you like to know more about soil testing?

If you're not sure where to start with testing, or would just like to talk to us in general, get in touch through our contact page or phone us on...

Our history

Our passion for living soil, and the belief that it is fundamental to sustainable agriculture, has only grown over the years; along with the company. Over 15 years ago Soil Matters was founded by Rob Flynn. A diverse background, and being exposed to an array of landscapes and different farming approaches, proved to him that it was best to cooperate with nature as it 'pays off in the long run'. With this in mind, solutions were sought and found for common soil and crop health issues.
Soil Matters has grown from Rob Flynn working on his own, into a team of like-minded, approachable people with real integrity. Today Soil Matters consists of a team of people with broad expertise, allowing us to give multi-dimensional advice across all farming sectors.
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