Arable farming


Growing arable crops with resilience for peace of mind

The aim of a NZ arable farming business is to produce healthy, high yielding crops for a variety of markets productively and profitably.

Ever-growing production costs of arable crops exposes a crop farming business to more risk that can have a significant impact on its sustainability. So, to justify the required level of expenditure needed, you have to be sure you can keep counting on your biggest resource - the soil.

Common crops grown in NZ are maize and cereals, like wheat; but in areas where land prices are rising rapidly, we are seeing these crops used as a cover crop amongst cash crops such as potatoes and onions. In intensive crop farming operations like these the soil ecosystem can become fragile, so it needs adequate attention to maintain its performance.

Most agree that the saying “a healthy soil produces healthy crops” is a no brainer. Soil Matters has experience with multi-scale, diverse crop farming operations, both organic and conventional. In other words, we know what it takes to grow a good crop. You can count on the Soil Matters team when it comes to helping you get the best out of your soil to reach your sustainable cropping goals.

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We have ample experience with diverse arable farming operations, both conventional and organic. In other words, we know what it takes to nurture and grow a good crop. You can count on us to help improve your soil nutrition, so that you can reach your cropping goals and count on your soil, now and in the future.

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