Expertise for pastoral, arable, viticulture and horticulture farming

Every farm relies on the health of their soil, and every business needs different expertise

It doesn't matter what your farm produces, it all starts with the soil. However, because the land is being used in different ways we have soil experts who are also experts in your farming modality.

We have experts for all farm types - no matter what you grow!

Pastoral Farming

Profiting from photosynthesis

The importance of pastoral farming for this planet is immense. Every leaf on the planet is a solar panel. All the world's pastures together act as a huge battery. They are responsible for storing and sequestering huge amounts of carbon/energy and producing protein and nutrient rich feed which can easily be converted into nutritious protein rich foods. The potential of well nurtured pastures, and the threat of not controlling the development of the pasture, is often underestimated.

When you get to know your soil better, you’ll be surprised how much more leverage you’ll get on pasture production and animal health. Soil Matters specialise in assessing the health of your soil and then tailoring a comprehensive plan to align with where you want to take your business.

Arable Farming

Growing with resilience for peace of mind

The aim of an arable farming business is to produce healthy, high yielding crops for a variety of markets productively and profitably.

Ever-growing production costs of arable crops exposes a business to more risk that can have a significant impact on its sustainability. So, to justify the required level of expenditure needed, you have to be sure you can keep counting on your biggest resource - the soil.

Most agree that the saying “a healthy soil produces healthy crops” is a no brainer. Soil Matters has experience with multi-scale diverse cropping operations, both organic and conventional. In other words, we know what it takes to grow a good crop. You can count on the Soil Matters team when it comes to helping you get the best out of you soil to reach your cropping goals.

Viticulture & Horticulture

A healthy vine makes great wine. Let’s get the basics right and begin with the soil

Making use of what the soil can do for you can be the difference between 'good' and 'great' in your viticulture and horticultural operation.

There is a great opportunity for those in the New Zealand viticulture and horticulture industry to capitalise on the 'sustainability' movement. Grow your business by being proactive and becoming a leader in this area, and utilising this fact as a unique selling point.

Our long standing reputation for making strong improvements has made a substantial difference in our customers' ROI (return on investment), by increasing profits and decreasing expenditures.

We can guide you through how to use, predominantly, naturally derived inputs and apply new practices and approaches.

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