We know that the key to healthy soil is more than what you put on it


The environment triangle


All farming practices are a product of their environment. This environment is made up of a balance of mineral, biological and physical influences.

By relying on managing just one environmental influencer, for example just fertiliser (mineral inputs), not only does the environment get a little out-of-balance, but the opportunities that the other environmental influences offer are not utilised.

Soil Matters Healthy Soil Approach

Our approach


Our approach to healthy soil takes all factors of the environment into consideration with which we can provide many tools from our toolbox that are tailored for your unique farming environment.

We improve NZ soil health by focusing on the biological, mineral and physical aspects in the soil. We provide advice about lifting NZ soil health, and we have a toolkit that is filled with products that you can use to improve the individual aspects, resulting in a better plant environment.

Soil Matters Soil Health Brochure

Our Process


We assess the health of the soil and what grows on top of it. Together we identify the lowest hanging fruit - that which will give you the best outcome in your farming system. We help you establish a long-term plan to improve soil health, then support you along the way. When they are needed, we help you to acquire the tools you require to execute your soil health management plan. Think nutrients, biological inputs and seeds.

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Soil Matters Soil Health Process

Plant and soil testing


From an environmental point of view soil testing is also very important, as it can prevent misuse or overuse of fertilisers, which can cause antagonisms and environmental degradation. Using soil testing results we can establish a fine-tuned fertilisation plan to cater to specifically to your local soil conditions and crop requirements.

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Soil Health Testing

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