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Our Process

Soil Sampling Process
Farming System Analysis

Step 1.

Initial engagement to understand your needs and goals

We'd like to make sure our approach is a good fit with your farming system. We will meet you on the farm to understand your unique circumstances and the goals you have. We will also tell you about who we are and the tools we use.

We will gather all the relevant information about your farm and ensure we understand the direction you'd like to take your farming business. We'll have to hear from you what drives you - whether it is yield, animal health, ROI, lowest costs or simply what's best for the environment.

We will identify the individual soil types on your property and, where needed, together we will define individual management areas.

We will come back to you with a summary of what we have discussed and what we have identified to ensure we have understood your needs accurately.

Step 2.

Soil health assessment

Now that we have a clear understanding of where you want to be, we assess where you are now through comprehensive soil sampling and testing. Our soil sampling and testing focuses on addressing any specific problems you are already aware of, and will pick up any that may not be evident, but that need to be addressed.

Ideally we will do a soil health assessment, which is a combination of soil sampling and a visual health assessment of the soil across identified key monitoring areas of your farm.


Step 3.

Soil samples sent to lab

Step 4.

Soil Matters evaluation

Once the soil samples are sent off to the lab, we carry out a cohesive evaluation of the soil test results and other collated information.

Farming System Improved

Step 5.

Recommendation formulated and communicated

We will then develop and provide you with a soil health plan identifying our recommended areas for improvement and the approaches we recommend you take.

Step 6.

Product to farmer

We help you with sourcing solutions to improve the recommended areas. Solutions are categorised as biological, physical and mineral tools in our toolbox. To make things easy, we'll provide you with the products and logistical support required to get the solutions in place where you need them most.

Soil Assessment Outcomes

Continued Communication

Checking in to see that you're getting the right results

Once you are on your way, we'll regularly check in with you. By now you may have seen some changes on your farm, or you may have set new goals and adjusted existing goals, or have seen new potential for your farming system. Either way, we are always there to discuss your thoughts and ideas and provide feedback as requested.

From here, we’ll start again at step two - discussing and reviewing your existing or adjusted goals. Let's see what else we can achieve together!

Soil Health Assessment Communication

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