Our soil health toolbox

Our toolbox is a range of products which can be used to improve soil health. To see what tool can help to improve the individual element we have grouped them in three categories.


Improving soil fertility, while reducing the reliance on synthetically produced nitrogen, enhancing carbon sequestration and creating the right balance for nutrient dense crops.

Solid fertilisers

Not all fertilisers are created equal. Many fertilisers offer a short-term solution and while seeming like a cheaper solution to boost soil health, it often results in run-off meaning much to the nutrients are wasted and end up somewhere where you don't want them.

Viafos fertilisers

Viafos fertilisers are designed for effective and efficient delivery. Each blend has been tailored for different needs, from more efficient distribution through minimal runoff wastage to combinations of slow and fast delivery to lessen the application workload.

Other fertilisers

We also work alongside other solid fertiliser providers whose focus on nutrients, not nitrates, aligns with our goals for effective, efficient nutrient delivery.

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Liquid fertilisers

External factors such as weather can have a significant impact on nutrient availability. When a crop is missing out on nutrients because a solid fertiliser can not be utilised fast enough, we recommend an array of water-soluble powders or liquids to provide nutrients in more directly available forms.


Tools that stimulate natures own defenses to help safeguard plants against pests, diseases and support biological processes in the soil.

Biological inputs

Effective Microorganisms (EM).

Effective Microorganisms (EM) is a unique combination of bacteria, yeasts and fungi that activates and balances living organisms in soil to boost  performance

Biological solutions

Biological solutions products come from using fish proteins, Omega 3 & 6 fish oil, humates, fulvic acid and strains of bacteria to make biological fertilisers and sprays for plant protection to control fungal and insect disease.


Improves soil biology to help your farming practice to be less reliant on chemicals. The BioSea range of biologicals offer a cost effective an innovative solution.


a natural biological soil booster fertiliser suitable for all soil types using the sustainable resource of fish from Southland’s clean coastal waters


The physical aspect of managing the environment can ensure for a more resilient and profitable outcome.

Seed and cover crops

The health of the soil is heavily dependent on that what grows within it with different plants taking and adding different nutrients.

These cover crops can improve soil health by increasing organic matter, fixing nitrogen, breaking up compact soil, outcompeting weeds and stop fallow ground from eroding.

Once we have determined and agreed on what the soils needs are we will recommend and supply the best products for the job from our reputable New Zealand seed suppliers.

Advice about crop and stock rotations

Different crops deplete or unlock different nutrients in the soil. Simply by rotating crops or cover crops, or putting stock in the most beneficial place you can change the productivity of your farm. We work with your farming rotation to put cover crops in the rotation or simply add plant diversity in the paddock.