The mineral side of the triangle

Nutrients explained

Nutrients in the soil interact both synergistically or antagonistically. You can’t add one without improving or reducing the availability of a different nutrient. N, P and K are the popular ones as they boost plant growth like no other. But the ones ‘at the back of the class’ are just as, if not more, important for nutrient efficiency.

Soil Matters focuses on reducing the reliance on synthetically produced nitrogen, enhancing carbon sequestration and providing the right balance for nutrient dense crops in NZ.

Fertilise Soils

Solid fertilisers

Not all fertilisers are created equal. Many fertilisers offer a short-term solution; and while seeming like a more affordable option for boosting soil health, when applied in quantities that are too high, often result in runoff, meaning many of the nutrients are wasted and end up somewhere where you don't want them. At Soil Matters we develop custom made blends to fertilise soil, tailored to your requirements, with a range of balanced inputs such as lime, magnesium,  phosphate and trace minerals.

Viafos fertilisers

Viafos fertilisers are designed for effective and efficient delivery. Each blend has been tailored to different needs - from more efficient distribution through minimal runoff wastage, to combinations of slow and fast delivery to provide steady nutrient release.

Other fertilisers

We also work alongside other solid fertiliser providers whose focus on nutrients, not nitrates, aligns with our goals for effective, efficient nutrient delivery.

NZ Fertilisers

Liquid fertilisers/nutrient applications

External factors such as the weather can have a significant impact on nutrient availability. When a crop is missing out on nutrients because a solid soil fertiliser cannot be utilised fast enough, we recommend an array of water-soluble powders or NZ liquid fertilisers to provide nutrients in more directly available forms.

Liquid Fertiliser NZ

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